Baby Steps


Inspired by Adrian Bolboaca

This is a Constraint - not a Kata!

Constraints can be applied to any given Kata to focus on specific techniques and / or practices. They are meant as an extreme perspective so you can clearly feel the difference to what you do usually.


  1. Setup a git repository (or use another SCM that supports resets)
  2. Setup a timer for 2 minutes interval when you start
  3. Write exactly one test
    • If the timer rings and the test is red then revert and start over
    • If you finish your test earlier: no problem, reset the timer and continue
  4. Restart timer
  5. Go to 3.


  • Most pairs need to reset at least once
  • It is absolutely OK to spend iterations to do only refactorings
  • Feel free to discuss whatever is needed in between cycles
  • The most important part is to have green tests. Your code base must never be red for more than two minutes

Image credits

Image by Egga. It shows an exemplary flip chart to facilitate the kata.